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IMG_0002Cassie, of Steven’s City, Virginia loves animals. When her teachers last year organized “Dress Like a Famous American” day for spirit week, Cassie chose Terri Irwin.

Rhinos are one of her very favorite animals.

Cassie, like all of at IRF, is very concerned for the future of the five remaining rhino species. So deep is her concern that this year for her birthday, Cassie asked her friends and family to gift cash that she would then donate to the International Rhino Foundation to help protect rhinos.

Already sporting a Team Rhino T-Shirt, Cassie and her mom came to drop of her donation in person to the IRF office in Strasburg, Virginia. After learning a bit about the world’s surviving rhinos, she decided that she would like her donation to go towards the protection of Javan rhinos – of which, fewer than 50 exist in the world today.


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