An Animal Advocate

Vote for the candidates who will protect shelter pets! Vote for the candidates who will protect shelter pets!

Houston, TX –  Since so many animal lovers stated that they would attend, Houston Voters For Companion Animals and No Kill Houston have organized a Candidate Forum regarding animal sheltering issues in Houston.  

There are five kill shelters in the Houston area that, together, kill 80,000 pets every year.  Houston’s taxpayer funded animal control facility (BARC) killed more than 10,000 pets in 2014 alone.  Conversely, there are hundreds of Open Admission, shelters/communities who have ended the killing of shelter pets.  They have  implemented the No Kill model of sheltering in order to save all healthy and treatable shelter pets.  

Animal lovers in Houston are tired of the large numbers of pets being killed year after year, and they are frustrated with the minuscule increases in Save Rates at BARC each year; especially when there are life saving alternatives which have been proven to dramatically increase life saving in…

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