Mortal Kombat (2021) – Movie Review



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For fans of Mortal Kombat, the latest live adaptation of their beloved game has hit the screens. Check out our review:

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2021 “MAKING FRIENDS WITH ANIMALS” Calendar – May Story

Love Hyenas.

The Grumpy Penguin

I love this girl and this is the most beautiful I have ever seen her

After months away…eye-to-eye!

For most people, it probably wouldn’t be surprising to have only featured one hyena photo through seven years of calendars. But I am clearly not like most people, and Kanzi is quite definitely not like most hyenas. In any event, I did feature her once before – in March of 2017, exactly a year after I first met her – and I did a pretty thorough job there of laying out how we met and a few very important factoids about spotted hyenas. If you didn’t read it back then – or have no memory of it – please take a look if you’d like; we’ll be happy to wait for you right here. (Hum your favourite tune to yourself in the meantime.) Ok, ready? We’ll continue. During the first lockdown…

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2020 “HANGING OUT WITH ANIMALS” Calendar – December Story

The Grumpy Penguin

A very handsome boy

The last time I saw Tempête

In an unbelievably difficult, tragic, and seemingly interminable years such as this has been, it seems to me particularly fitting that the last animal I featured in my 2020 calendar did not survive the year. One might have supposed that I should have learned my lesson the only other time I featured an Arctic fox (in point of fact, two Arctic foxes) in my calendar, as neither of them was around by the time that month arrived, either. When I wrote that blog post, in April of 2016, I had been at the Zoo for about 3 1/2 years and four different foxes had lived and died there in the interim. In that post, I touched on how unusual that was even for such an ordinarily short-lived animal, and how I hoped the Tundra Trek would soon be vibrant once…

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$40,000 Reward Offered For Information On The Illegal Shooting Of A Mother Grizzly Bear In Idaho; Young Cub Died Shortly After

RIP. Hope the killers/poachers are apprehended soon.


Karen Lapizco 14 hours ago

World Animal News

Five conservation organizations are offering rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the illegal shooting of a female grizzly bear in Fremont County, Idaho. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game confirmed Monday that a 6-to-8-week-old cub also died in its den as a result of its mother’s death.

The reward totals$30,000 from five conservation organizations, including Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Humane Society of the United States, Center for Biological Diversity,Defenders of Wildlife and an anonymous organization. Citizens Against Poaching and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are also offering rewards of $5,000 each, for a total reward of $40,000 to find the criminal or criminals responsible.

“There have been decades of collaborative conservation work in Idaho since grizzly bears were listed as threatened,”said Kathy Rinaldi, Idaho Conservation Coordinator for the Greater Yellowstone…

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