World Rhino Day 2016

Fight for Rhinos

When is World Rhino Day?

September 22nd

What’s the point of World Rhino Day?

Recognizing and appreciating rhinos, particularly through raising awareness to the imminent danger they face. The poaching crisis and illegal wildlife trade very possibly could mean the end of their species.

What can you do to help ensure a future for rhinos?

*Spread the word that rhinos are in danger! Poaching is a serious issue that is pushing rhinos toward extinction. Use #WorldRhinoDay to talk about the poaching crisis.
*Support rhino conservation through donations.

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The worst things Jerkface ever said to me.

Bye-Bye, Jerkface.

One night shortly after I left Jerkface for good, I was sitting alone in my dark little apartment in the fog belt of San Francisco, and I actually missed him. Why? Who the heck knows, although I suppose it was a bit of Stockholm Syndrome. I was appalled and bewildered because I had fought so hard to free myself from the hell of our marriage and had been thoroughly enjoying coming home after work and oh, just listening to music (shocking) or eating whatever I damn well wanted (gasp!) instead of hearing his voice, smooth with faux concern, slowly and systematically destroy me and what I knew to be real.

There was no way I was going to allow myself to go back to him in a dangerous moment of weakness.

So I made a Jerkface candy jar. What’s that, you ask? The idea was that any time I dared think of going…

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Never Underestimate Narcissist’s Cunning/ By lmlphd | From

Protective Mothers' Alliance International

DV by Proxy

The narcissist is a restless human being. He/she is always seeking narcissistic supplies–those psychological foods that he must have in order to keep his ego sense of self fully inflated. On an unconscious level the narcissist suffers from feelings of inner emptiness. Rarely is a narcissist in touch with this part of himself/herself on a conscious level. The narcissist’s defense mechanisms–his belief that he is superior to others, that he is perfect, that everyone is inferior to him, that he can control and manipulate anyone to achieve his grandiose goals for power and monetary gain. (Not all narcissists are materialistic but most of the “successful” ones are obsessed with acquiring material possessions and  monetary power as well as social connections that will smooth their pathway to power.

Those who marry narcissists are unaware of their cunning and secrecy. Because of their charm and capacity to “read” their spouses and know…

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