Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 16.05.09On whose side are the BiH media? / Na čijoj su strani bosanskohercegovački medij?  on Mega Vijesti /Dec 17, 2013 BiH


From the talks with a group of citizens who have expressed strong dissatisfaction about the media reports covering the protest held in Sarajevo.

On 15.12.2013. in front of the Parliament in Sarajevo about 2,000 citizens gathered to express their dissatisfaction with the amendments to the Law on the protection and welfare of animals which requires that all street dogs be put to sleep after 15 days in adequate shelters that do not exist.

Citizens who opposed the amendments have been slandered and accused they are protesting for their own benefit.

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are shocked and disappointed that the media falsely reported and wrote the protests only had 200 citizens, although there are many photographs and video footage showing how it really was.

Who is behind…

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