Finally, law takes the right course. It is time animal cruelty becomes as legally punishable as any crime against human beings.

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According to Tuesday’s KOIN News, prosecutors have decided that the Stevenson, Wash., man, accused of blowing up his dog, will be charged with animal cruelty.

Initially, it appeared that 45-year-old Christopher Dillingham would face no animal cruelty charges because officials believed that his victim, a yellow Labrador retriever named “Cabella,” had not suffered when the bomb detonated.

On Tuesday, officials had a change of heart and decided that it may be possible to prove that Cabella suffered before dying.

Early Sunday morning, Skamania County Sheriff’s deputies arrived to Dillingham’s home and found the body of a dog who had been decapitated; a bomb had been strapped to her collar.

Dellingham is said to have told the authorities that he was preparing for “the rapture,” and that the dog had been killed because his ex-girlfriend had “put the devil in it.”

It is unclear if the officials’ change of heart…

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