Rodeo is just another instance of mankind’s completely unnecessary and wanton cruelty to innocent animals. What began as a mindless form of recreation has now been institutionalized as a sport. Please help stop this inhumane tradition.

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We need your help to expose the truth about cruelty in rodeos …

Rodeos are an American creation that have made their way to Australia. Some people try to justify rodeos as being an occasion for bush-dwellers to show off their skills. The truth though is that rodeos involve unnecessary cruelty to animals. It is for this reason that they are banned in the UK, several countries in Europe and even in the Australian Capital Territory.

Despite the ACT’s compassionate lead, rodeos still take place in all other Australian states and territories. At these events calves can be dragged by a rope around their necks, and stressed horses and bulls may slam into fences and gates. Broken bones and the deliberate provocation of animals add to the misery endured by animals at these events.

The tide has turned though against rodeos. Community pressure has already prompted major businesses like Kmart…

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