Love Hyenas.

The Grumpy Penguin

I love this girl and this is the most beautiful I have ever seen her

After months away…eye-to-eye!

For most people, it probably wouldn’t be surprising to have only featured one hyena photo through seven years of calendars. But I am clearly not like most people, and Kanzi is quite definitely not like most hyenas. In any event, I did feature her once before – in March of 2017, exactly a year after I first met her – and I did a pretty thorough job there of laying out how we met and a few very important factoids about spotted hyenas. If you didn’t read it back then – or have no memory of it – please take a look if you’d like; we’ll be happy to wait for you right here. (Hum your favourite tune to yourself in the meantime.) Ok, ready? We’ll continue. During the first lockdown…

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