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The narcissist is a restless human being. He/she is always seeking narcissistic supplies–those psychological foods that he must have in order to keep his ego sense of self fully inflated. On an unconscious level the narcissist suffers from feelings of inner emptiness. Rarely is a narcissist in touch with this part of himself/herself on a conscious level. The narcissist’s defense mechanisms–his belief that he is superior to others, that he is perfect, that everyone is inferior to him, that he can control and manipulate anyone to achieve his grandiose goals for power and monetary gain. (Not all narcissists are materialistic but most of the “successful” ones are obsessed with acquiring material possessions and  monetary power as well as social connections that will smooth their pathway to power.

Those who marry narcissists are unaware of their cunning and secrecy. Because of their charm and capacity to “read” their spouses and know…

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