The below editorial and related content concerns a public body that solicits donations and as such, it is in the public’s interest to know about the controversy and scandals surrounding it. Julia de Cadenet, the CEO/Trustee of NoToDogMeat has a public community page on Facebook and claims herself to be a ‘Public Figure’, and as such, she has put herself into the public domain for comment and criticism of her public behaviour relating to her ‘charity’.


NTDM PURPORTEDLY A SCAM!  RUN BY  JULIA DECADENET (JULIE CARTER) of two different birthdates and dubious background.  Pretending concern about the dog meat trade, but shows her true colours by appearing to be far more concerned with firstly feathering her own nest.  Her drunken rants and abuse are widely known around animal advocate circles and many avoid her and her charity like the plague.  Much scandal has been seen since its inception.

NO, the NTDM fb…

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