Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

…direct quote from the author, Dale Bowman, of a recent article;Loose the hounds: Following bear hounds in northern Wisconsin, in The Chicago Sun Times,on August 22, 2016. The author of this article rode along with a family of bear hunters using dogs in pursuit of bear in another Wisconsin.

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NORTHERN Wis.–Snorting, the black bear crashed through brush with hounds snarling and baying just behind, unseen in the lush summer green. Standing on a forest road, I timed it well enough to snap a photo as the bear broke across in a full-stretch dark streak.
“Do you think you could have shot it?’’ asked Pat, patriarch of a hound hunting family.

No,’’ I said. “I would not have even gotten a shot off.’’

Not sure what I expected from tagging along on training hounds for bear hunting, but it was one of my all-time experiences, doubly so…

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