Animalista Untamed

Whatever sort of problem we experience as veg*n animal advocates – and we all have a few, whether it’s being ridiculed or trolled, feeling utterly isolated among family and friends, struggling with the diet, right through to compassion fatigue and burnout – there is a totally awesome new venture all ready to give each of us the individual support we need. And this support means we can stay strong fighting for the animals.

It’s called The Animal Activist Support Line

The sad facts are these:

  • 84% of vegetarians and vegans resume eating meat, according to Faunalytics
  • Nearly half of those said they just found the diet too difficult
  • Nearly half said they were influenced by their significant other when they lapsed
  • A huge 63% said they couldn’t hack sticking out from the crowd

None of that is good news.

Veg*ns can also get depressed, or even suffer from PTSD. I…

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