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ivory-crush-schedule (2)JERSEY CITY, N.J. — August 10, 2016 — Americans are uniting for change alongside New Jersey lawmakers and international government representatives on World Elephant Day, August 12, during the historic New Jersey Ivory Crush at the iconic Liberty State Park in Jersey City, home of Ellis Island and a stone’s throw away from Lady Liberty herself.

Today, elephants are being killed faster than they are giving birth. The blood ivory trade is driving elephants and other endangered and threatened species toward extinction — with conservative estimates indicating 35,000 wild elephants are being slaughtered annually — while funding terrorist organizations through profits from illicit poaching and trafficking activities.

“New Jersey is going to once again shine a light on wildlife crime,” said Jen Samuel, president of the all-volunteer nonprofit Elephants DC. Elephants DC is cohosting the event with the City of Jersey City.

In addition to publicly destroying unwanted…

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