A few months ago, I wrote about the heart-warming story of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary for Your Daily Vegan. Owner Juliana has been on quite a journey, and one thing that is impossible to ignore is her sheer dedication to rescue and care for animals in need. You can view my article about Juliana’s inspiring journey here.

Unfortunately, Colombia is not the safest of places for animals. In the capital city of Bogota alone there can be up to 900,000 street dogs and cats, with government-sponsored organisations that believe killing up to 25,000 animals a week is the answer to managing the problem. Aside from this, bullfighting is still legal, animal abuse is frequent and common, and the government offers no help to animal charities. Opening a vegan animal sanctuary here certainly doesn’t come without its challenges. Juliana aims to educate the people of Colombia on important animal issues, as…

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