Bless the Bullys

Good news out of Newark, Ohio!

At their April 4, 2016 meeting, the Newark, Ohio city council voted to adopt Ordinance 16-07A – an ordinance that eliminates the breed specific language from the city code.  In effect, the ordinance removes the special designation of “vicious dog” to pit bull-type dogs and aligns the city code with state law.

After lengthy discussion and input from several citizens at the April 4 meeting that was jam packed with residents, a motion was made to table the ordinance until the next committee meeting. That motion failed in a 6-5 vote, and the discussion continued on.

A vote was then taken to adopt the ordinance, which resulted in a 5-5 tie.  Those who voted against ending breed discrimination in Newark were Councilmembers Bubb, Cost, Floyd, Hall and Rolletta.

Ultimately, the tie-breaker came down to Council President Don Ellington who, in weighing all the arguments, believed passage of the ordinance would…

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