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“You want to read about somebody exceptional. You want to get the reader’s attention. You want to tell a story that’s never been told, and to do that, you have to jazz it up a bit. Baseball is a game of endless statistics, and it was great fun messing around with some of those numbers.”

John Grisham

The engaging, and at times moving, novel “Calico Joe” written by best-selling author, John Grisham (A Time to Kill), was published by Doubleday on April 10, 2012.  America’s pastime of baseball, while an integral part of the novel, is not Grisham’s sole focus. Instead, he uses the sport to craft a story about the relationship, or lack thereof, between a father and son. Additionally, Grisham writes about the restorative power of forgiveness, and the redemption that can accompany forgiveness, if an individual is willing to make amends to the person they have wronged.

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