Fight for Rhinos

“Not on my watch” was the phrase South African Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa used in reference to the possibility of rhinos going extinct in the country. The Minister, who’s idea of saving them is to propose legal trade in rhino horn, has been highly criticized for the governments handling of poaching.

So, the slaughter continues. Over 230 killed just three months into the year, according to OSCAP (Outraged SA Citizens Against Poaching).

western black by nat geoThe western black rhino was declared extinct in 2006. photo: National Geographic

Although rangers and anti-poaching strategies continue to keep rhinos alive, there’s still the nagging “What if…”

After all, only a handful of Javan Rhinos are left with virtually no chance at a comeback,  there are only 3 Northern Whites on the planet and the Western white rhino has vanished.

Living on the edge of extinction in South Africa, so what if we MOVE them; somewhere “safer”?

A recent…

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