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The film’s main protagonist, Ava is portrayed in a believable manner by Louisa Krause (Bluebird). Her character is a survivor of a demonic possession that lasted for one month. The demon was finally driven from her body by Father Merrino, acted in a few brief scenes by John Ventimiglia, whose most notable role was that of chef and restaurant owner, Artie Bucco, on “The Sopranos.” The opening minutes of “Ava’s Possessions” is when the viewer gets their first indication that the film is not taking a formulaic approach to the story of demonic possession. The aftermath revolving around the mystery as to what led to Ava being possessed, as well as piecing together the missing parts of her memory regarding the actions she took while under the demon’s control, are central to the story.

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When Ava returns to normal, she has no recollection of  how she behaved while under the…

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