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Having watched, like millions of other people, all of the films in the Harry Potter series, I saw actor Daniel Radcliffe literally grow up before my eyes. In the movie, “The Woman in Black,” his first adult film role after playing the iconic character of Harry Potter, Radcliffe acquits himself well in the role of solicitor Arthur Kipps. I’ve already spoken to a few fellow cinephiles who take issue with Radcliffe’s occupation in the movie due to his age, but Jane Goldman’s (X-Men: First Class) screenplay based upon the 1983 novel by Susan Hill (The Bird of the Night) is historically accurate. The film takes place in Britain in the early 20th century when a man who has reached the age of twenty-two could very well have been married, a father, and working in a profession such as law. (As an aside: This isn’t the first time Hill’s novel has…

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