Caru Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Caru SPCA)

Some people want to have their cat’s claws surgically removed. This controversial practice is harmful to the cat, and may cause the cat to develop unwanted behaviors to compensate for the loss of his/her claws. Here is a summary of the top reasons why you should not tamper with your cat’s claws.

1. DECLAWING IS PAINFUL. Many people believe that declawing is a simple cosmetic procedure and that cats recover from it quickly. In reality, a claw is not a toenail, it is connected to the bone; in order to remove the claw a portion of the bone must be removed. It is analogous to removing the tip of your finger at the first knuckle. Essentially, the cat is enduring 10 separate amputations! That hurts a lot!

2. CATS NEED THEIR CLAWS FOR SELF-DEFENSE. Some people think that if their cat is kept indoors, the cat does not need her…

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