Fight for Rhinos

What would we give for rhino poaching to stop? Is there a cost too great? What about sacrificing another species?

That is exactly what the WWF did in the early 1990s. In a desperate attempt to stop Chinese from utilizing rhino horn, they recommended the use of Saiga antelope horns instead. At the time, the population was in the millions.

saiga antelope by darwin initiative        Saiga antelope photo: Darwin initiative

But the spike in Saiga hunting between 1993 and 1998, resulted in the decimation of half the species. As only the males have horns, the loss has resulted in an unbalance of the sexes. With so few males left, the population has continued to steadily decline, with the birth rate continuing to drop.

saiga antelope range wwf                              Saiga antelope range via WWF

In an area with one of the most endangered herds in central Kazakhstan, aerial surveys  revealed no adult or juvenile males, only females. Time is of the essence to bring in males, as…

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