Lentils of the World Rise Up

Being vegan, I get asked a lot; how easy do you find it? Honestly, finding products that do not contain animal products is a hell of a lot easier than finding products that do not contain palm oil.

As I’ve stated previously, palm oil is in EVERYTHING. I go out of my way to buy palm oil free products, and it’s not easy. My current struggle is shampoo. I’ve emailed many different companies who make vegan shampoos (Green People, Dr Organic, Faith in Nature, Urtekram) and all of them use palm oil. They say it’s the ‘sustainable’ sort, but of course, this means nothing.  Your regular Tesco or Sainsbury’s doesn’t stock vegan shampoos, let alone palm oil free ones, so I used to shop at Holland and Barrett or other whole food shops for my shampoo. Now I’ve turned to the internet to order specialist handmade soaps and shampoos that guarantee…

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