Wolves of Douglas County News

Source: the National Observer
By Charles Mandel in News, Culture | February 1st 2016
When Louise Liebenberg made her position clear on a bounty for killing wolves, she received threats.

It was 2008 and a group of ranchers near High Prairie in northern Alberta had gone to the council of Big Lakes County asking for help to prevent wolves from taking their cattle and sheep.
Out of the some 100 ranchers present at the county meeting, Liebenberg and one other individual were the only ones opposing the bounty.
After the meeting a woman – another rancher in the region – approached Liebenberg outside the local post office and told her that she’d “get her.”
“It really gets peoples’ blood boiling,” Liebenberg told National Observer during a phone interview. “People feel so strongly about it.”
Liebenberg is herself a rancher in the region. She has 400 ewes, somewhere between 1500 and…

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