Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox

Please sign and share this urgent petition, this sentence could be carried out in only a few days.


“A poor unnamed Sri Lankan housemaid with no powerful government backing her and no other means to save her own life from capital punishment in Saudi Arabia will be stoned to death. Perhaps in the next few days. Only world outrage might save the housemaid.

Death penalty is cruel. Stoning is barbaric. It is slow. It is inhuman. The poor mother-of-three’s so-called “crime” was to have had sex with another migrant worker who had been given 100 lashes and set free.”

Please read more and sign the petition


Please share widely the more signatures the more hope there is of a change of heart. Every signature counts. Please help save this unfortunate woman’s life.  The death sentence is never an acceptable punishment and in most countries worldwide what this woman did…

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