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A plant based diet isn’t veganism? 

You may have read that a plant based diet and veganism are not synonymous. This is true, but the difference did not become clear to me until after I became vegan, and I frequently see continuing confusion on this point, with some claiming that to draw any distinction is pedantic. So before I get into the health issue that is the topic of this blog, I should like to clarify the difference. The fundamental misunderstanding arises amongst those who believe veganism to be a diet, many of whom choose plant-based eating for the health benefits that they will undoubtedly enjoy. If it were in fact the case that veganism was a diet, then to differentiate between the two would indeed be ‘nit-picking’ ( to quote an accusation).

The perception of veganism as a diet can give rise to all sorts of misunderstandings and why wouldn’t it? After all, a diet tends…

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