Lentils of the World Rise Up

In 2009, Lush,  a world-renowned cruelty free, vegetarian, all round ethical company, ran their huge ‘Wash your hands of palm oil’ campaign. They have supposedly removed palm oil from all of their products claiming:

“Lush reformulated all of their soaps, removing the palm oil from the soap base and inventing a new palm free soap base made from coconut and rapeseed oils which are much more sustainable.”

I had never considered the possibility that Lush might be lying to us (!), so when I read a post from @selvabeatonline revealing Lush’s dirty secret about palm oil use, I was pretty horrified. I decided to email them and see for myself what I would get back. I asked them specifically about the ‘surfactants and emulsifiers’.

Just in case you don’t know, surfactants and emulsifiers are the foaming and bulking agents that you will find in many cosmetics. Known as sodium lauryl sulfate…

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