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lamb-739167_640We all make them – some with more commitment than others. We may decide to eat less, exercise more, stop smoking or drinking, be less wasteful; mostly, New Year Resolutions concern things we know we should have been doing already, and we resolve to try a bit harder and not give in to the tendency we all have to give in and take the easy way out, to resist change, to indulge ourselves.

So here’s a thing.  Almost every one of us claims to care about animals, and when we are not vegan, we know very well – or at least we strongly suspect –  that our actions cause them harm. This feeling of discomfort, which we prefer to remain as vague as possible, is why the industries that commodify the lives and bodies of nonhuman individuals have been able to create the lucrative webs of deceit that suggest there are acceptable ways to take…

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