Appleton Wildlife Diary by Alex White

Over the past couple of years I have been on  quite a few Badger marches including Oxford, Birmingham, Wincester, Ross 0n Wye, Witney and today Hereford.

The marches are a peaceful way to educated people about Badgers and the badger cull.

I have found everybody to be incredibly friendly, passionate and dedicated to protecting badgers. I have listened to some great speeches and met some interesting people.

The Badger marches are my way of supporting badgers as I am too young to vote and too young to help out on the wounded Badger patrols. It would be easy to think that somebody else will protest, march, educate, help or speak out, but if everyone thought like that nothing would ever get done about things that are wrong.

The Badger cull is the Governments answer to halting the spread of Bovine TB but this is against all scientific evidence and vaccination…

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