Fight for Rhinos

We have proudly supplied the only all female APU, the South African Black Mambas with financial support for their operation costs for the remainder of 2015.  Thanks to your donations, a total of $2,435 usd has been given toward their day to day expenses; food, uniforms, supplies, etc.

These ladies have made huge strides in their communities, spending 21 days a month patrolling the reserve, teaching locals about wilderness preservation, and keeping an eye out for poaching activities.

black mambas snare removal Another day of multiple snare removal in the reserve.

“Each [Mamba] has a story, a dream and a vision for the future, each has a family to support, a community to educate. Funds are scarce, yet they are passionate and determined. For some, they are the only breadwinners, feeding their families on little wages. For others this is a hopeful step towards furthering their careers. For all of them, the love for nature and its…

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