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(photo by Diana Robinson) (photo by Diana Robinson)

WASHINGTON DC — Elephants DC advocated for tighter legal controls to protect elephants on Saturday, Nov. 14 in America’s capitol city.

At a two-day conference on international law and wildlife well-being at George Washington University School of Law, Elephants DC representatives participated in a panel discussion about the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), an international treaty focused on protecting wildlife from becoming extinct due to international trade.

The Elephants DC team was joined on the panel by Nickolaus Sackett, legal counsel for Social Compassion in Legislation; Bryan Christy, National Geographic investigative journalist; and Bill Clark of INTERPOL. The panel was moderated by Rachelle Adam, who serves as faculty in the law department of Hebrew University.

Elephants DC volunteer attorneys Holly Sheridan and Jose de Arteaga outlined the history of CITES, explaining how the treaty regulates the trade in ivory, and highlighting…

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