America is a nation filled with health fads and has been for some time now. From the low fat craze of the 20th century to the carbophobia that continues to permeate household eating decisions today. One can go to a restaurant in a more than likely well-off neighborhood to order a vegan, gluten free, paleo, low net-carb, high protein, organic, natural, non-GMO entree without even having to ask the waiter. For a couple of extra dollars you can ensure that your chicken is free range, your butter free of trans fats, and your spice rub free of MSG.

Somewhere along the line, veganism got swept up into this mix and is now all the rage for health buffs. However, vegans tend to take up issue with this association, as veganism is based around ethical consideration, a cornerstone often absent from the motives of ‘plant-based dieters’. Vegans also face a dichotomy over their…

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