Armory of the Revolution

FRANCIONEDivide And Conquer

The concept is basic. And is as old as is human conflict.

A small band can defeat a much larger one if it can peel off a portion of the larger contingent, engage and defeat that portion, then continue to winnow the larger force down in manageable skirmishes.

It is the formula that has allowed great armies to be defeated by smaller ones, has seen insurgents bring down governments, and has enabled guerillas to be successful against overwhelming odds.

It is also the guiding principal of social reform.

Targeting issues as narrowly as possible means limiting the number of enemies who will fight you. The fewer enemies who must be defeated increases the chances for success. Conversely, waging broadly focused assaults on a number of issues simultaneously means engaging those with a stake in each issue, dramatically increasing the number of opponents who must be defeated.


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