Armory of the Revolution

101“Animal Rights” is a much used term. One that is as common as it is misunderstood.

Many, if not most, animal activists are unclear on what Animal Rights means. It is usually used in an exclamatory context to emphasize one’s support for animal issues or to oppose animal cruelty and exploitation.

But one can be an animal activist, support animal issues, and oppose cruelty and exploitation, without supporting Animal Rights.

The closest parallel to Animal Rights is human rights. Both are legal concepts. Both require societal and governmental recognition to exist. Both demand the basic rights to life, to freedom, to be free of exploitation, of slavery, of abuse, of murder.

Rights must be enforceable or they are meaningless. Unless rights can be legally enforced, they are indistinguishable from one’s personal sense of morality.

Human rights are recognized by most world governments, in varying degrees. However, no government yet in…

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