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While the US recently voted to ban poaching with the Global Anti-Poaching Act, things north of the border aren’t looking that great. Aside from recently electing a new Prime Minister that loves wearing fur, we have news that an animal lover may be facing 10 years in prison for giving water to thirsty animals.

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Anita Krajnc gives pigs water near a slaughterhouse in Burlington. Krajnc now faces a criminal mischief charge from the activity. Animal Lovers offering water to thirsty pigs. (Picture from CBC News)

Anita Krajnc of Toronto will stand in court to answer charges of mischief for giving water to thirsty pigs transported inside hot metal trailer on a hot June day. Animal activists are buzzing all over twitter and facebook with the slogan “Compassion is not a crime #StandWithAnita” to raise awareness of this dubious charge that gets people in legal circles scratching their heads.

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On June 22nd, Anita was part of a group of animal activists “Toronto Pig Save” that offered water to thirsty pigs being transported to slaughter…

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