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If one wanted to take a risk this Halloween, or any day for that matter, walk over to the nearest mirror and say this name five times: Candyman…Candyman…Candyman… Candy… I am not going to take the chance just in case. For it is said, that looking in the mirror, and saying his name five times, will extend an invitation to the supernatural being, who has a hook where one of his hands should be. From what is shown on screen, calling him forth, for most people, ensures a quick, brutal death.

Candyman Pic 1

At the start of the film, a story is being related, and shown via flashback, about a girl named Clara (Marianna Elliott). If a viewer were watching the film for the first time, and knew nothing about its content, after the opening jump scare, that viewer would likely think it was going to be a typical horror movie. Billy…

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