PETA, HSUS and ASPCA. Hypocrites all of them. Out to make money by exploiting the public of their hard earned money by pretending to care about Animal Rights.


Does PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, Kill “Shelters”, etc. “love” animals?

Seeing as how they ALL OPPOSE life saving legislation, the answer is NO.

Oh, they *say* “this” and they *say* “that”, but it’s what you DO that determines whether you love someone or not.

PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, Kill “Shelters”, etc. cant even do the most basic things that love requires.

Whereas the unethical PETA, the inhumane Society of the U.S., the cruel ASPCA, and sad, fraudulent excuses for animal “shelters” ALL MURDER healthy/treatable animals, we can answer the question of “Do they love animals?” with a definitive “NO!”

If they “loved” animals, they wouldn’t murder those who are healthy/treatable. If they “loved” animals, they would SUPPORT legislation to save animals’ precious lives.

Love doesn’t kill. It only loves.

PETA, HSUS, ASPCA and Kill “Shelters” can’t claim the same.

TRUE Animal lovers live by THIS motto:

RESCUE the mistreated......SAVE the injured......LOVE the abandoned....THAT is what TRUE animal lovers do... RESCUE the mistreated……SAVE the injured……LOVE the…

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