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Dignitaries call for bipartisan unity to save endangered species from extinction

March Route 2015

WASHINGTON DC — Dignitaries of the Embassy of the Republic of Gabon are leading the third annual International March for Elephants on October 24 alongside New Jersey and Pennsylvania lawmakers united with bipartisan fellowship to save keystone species from extinction.

Species are disappearing. 35,000 wild elephants are slaughtered annually for their tusks, and elephants could face impending extinction in at least 10 years. Recent reports have shown that Tanzania has lost more than 60 percent of its elephant population in 5 years due to poaching, with many other nations struggling to protect elephants as well.

The march to unequivocally ban the commercial trade of ivory and protect endangered species worldwide kicks off at noon before the Lincoln Memorial and will proceed to Lafayette Park for a peaceful rally before the White House. Washington DC will join dozens of cities…

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