Wild Horse Education

According to BLM these horses simply According to BLM these horses simply “tripped.” “No horses were run through barbed wire at Owyhee” ~ BLM in court documents

At what point can we have an honest conversation?

All over the internet the BLM “investigation” into the sales to kill buyer Tom Davis, more than 1700 wild horses, are going viral once again. Allegations made in September 2012 went viral when they were made. These actions were shown to not be simply “alleged,” but fact. Those reports are now in the public sphere.

In 2012 at the Stone Cabin roundup 726 wild horses were captured, 210 were returned to the range after treating with PZP, 14 died, 493 were shipped to facilities and yearlings were adopted at a trap site adoption event.

During this roundup WHE was under vicious attack. Websites and social media pages had been devoted to “destroy” our work. We had won multiple court orders against inappropriate…

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