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Australia kept Orca?

A little known fact, in the 1970’s, Australia held Captive Orca for entertainment. These Orca were transported by air, some 7300 miles, a trip that would take approximately 20 hours in today’s aircraft! How long would it have taken in 1969 or 1970?
More on that shortly…

Village Roadshow Ltd. “The Master Plan”

In 2010 Village Roadshow Limited (VRL), the owners of Sea World on the Gold Coast in Australia, announced that they would be expanding their operations internationally. This was to be known as “The Master Plan” and it would focus predominantly on Asia.

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At the 2011 VRL Annual General Meeting, the Chairman’s Address stated,
“This new theme park in China will be an enormous undertaking by your Village Roadshow theme parks team of people; it effectively leverages the extraordinary value of our 40 years and more of world quality theme park expertise and without any…

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