SOS Nature Protection

As promised Walter James Palmer has returned to work at his Dental Clinic, River Bluff Dental where a Rally is currently under way in remembrance of Cecil the Lion, illegally killed by Walter Palmer. Here’s the RAW FOOTAGE of his arrival


River Bluff Dental
10851 Rhode Island Ave
Brenda Spencer
Rosemount, Mn.
TEL: 952-884-5361

If you are elsewhere, we encourage you to support this by getting Cecil trending on Twitter. Cecil trended this morning. Please Tweet:
@DirectorAshe (Dan Ashe) USFish and Wildlife
@USFWS (Wildlife Service)
@POTUS (President Obama)
@StateDept (The State Department)

Use hashtags: #CecilTheLion and #WalterPalmer

Here are some examples of TWEETS ready to go:

09/08/2015 TWITTER SUPPORT FOR RALLY @DirectorAshe how can you bow to the hunting lobby and let one man #walterpalmer killer of #cecilthelion tarnish our nation and our flag –

09/08/2015 TWITTER SUPPORT FOR RALLY @USFWS how can you bow…

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