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September 22nd 2015

“We thank you for your input and can confirm that our team will not be encouraging the Shire to cut ties with Taiji” – Lets get Broome moving! 2015 Election team.

On September 20th 2015 one of the upcoming Broome Election Candidate teams posted a question on their Facebook page,

“What is the number 1 issue you would like improved?”

Within a matter of hours the answer to their question became abundantly clear.

Cut ties with your Sister City, the Dolphin killing town of Taiji, Japan!


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Hundreds of people from all corners of the world responded with respectful and educated reasons as to why Broome should reconsider their Sister relationship with Taiji while the inhumane practice of Dolphin capture and slaughter continues.

Shameful, hypocritical, a national disgrace, damaging to tourism and despicable, just some of the terms used to describe Broome’s un wavering support of her Twisted Sister town, Taiji.

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