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A great deal of the wealthy hardcore trophy hunters are part of SCI – Safari Club International, which presents itself as being an organisation of conservationists and ethical hunters. We regard this as an insult to conservationists and in regards to ethical hunters, there needs to be a clear definition that separates the two. Those who hunt ethically for food versus those who kill for pleasure.

Regardless of what they want to portray themselves as, here is the truth about SCI – Safari Club International. Shunted by SCI after the illegal killing of Cecil, Walter James Palmer is no outcast when it comes to SCI’s code of “ethics”: he actually exemplifies it.

  1. SCI – Safari Club International was founded by a poacher

SCI – Safari Club International was founded by trophy hunter C.J. McElroy. McElroy hunted in nearly fifty countries, on six continents. He killed nearly 400 trophy animals that appear in SCI’s record…

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