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While sketching a panther at the Central Park Zoo, in New York City, a young, fashion artist, and Serbian immigrant, meets an architect and draftsman for a maritime design firm. The attractive, mysterious, Irena Dubrovna, is portrayed evocatively by Simone Simon. The man she encounters by chance, Oliver (Kent Smith), takes his opening to talk to her, when she litters by throwing some of her sketches that she’s not happy with, onto the ground. Oliver gets her attention, and points to a sign which reads:

“Let no one say, and say it to your shame. That all was beauty here, until you came.”

CP Pic 1

Walking over to her, he engages her in conversation. Sensing that the clean cut, well dressed, Oliver is a nice guy, Irena allows him to walk her home. As the two leave, it is revealed to the viewer, that one of Irena’s sketches, that she threw on…

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