That’s the right way to catch these murderers. Put a bounty on them.


Exposing the Big Game

Trophy hunter

By Jaymi McCann

The hunter and a guide with the lifeless body of the huge bull elephant he paid £39,000 to kill

The man, said to be a German who paid £39,000 to go on the hunt in a national park in Zimbabwe, was pictured with the corpse of the elephant, thought to be the largest killed in 30 years with 120lb tusks.

Animal rights group Peta Germany has offered a 1,000 euro (£735) reward for the man’s identity.


Walter Palmer caused outrage when he took a picture with the lifeless body of Cecil the lion

ime’s about up for trophy hunters and the world wants to know exactly who this cowardly man is who’s in hiding after gunning down a magnificent elephant, who, like Cecil the lion, wanted only to be left in peace

Ingrid Newkirk, Peta president

Peta president Ingrid Newkirk said: “Time’s about up for…

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