To Mr Gerald Dick, Executive Director

World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)


Marineland Antibes

16th October 2015

Executive Office
IUCN Conservation Centre
Rue Mauverney 28CH-1196 Gland

Dear Mr. Dick

The developing news from the disaster at Marineland in Antibes, France worsens every day. During the recent tragedy, the park’s tanks filled with mud and sludge and were completely flooded; the filtration systems were seriously impacted. Numerous animals have died, including at least one orca, Valentin. Despite pleas from people and organisations from all over the world, Marineland Antibes has refused to disclose the real conditions of the animals trapped in the park.
On the 13th October the park issued a statement on its Facebook page finally admitting one of its killer whales, Valentin, had died. In a letter from Marineland just 3 days prior, the organization said “…the whole of the cetaceans are doing well. All…

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