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This October, in keeping with the spirit of my posts of the last several Octobers, as a countdown to Halloween, all posts from robbinsrealm will feature reviews of horror or supernatural films and television shows, ranging from cult classics to silly fun. In addition, there will be a review of a documentary, as well as one piece spotlighting an individual who has made an impact in the genre.

The Carter family, retired police officer, Bob (Russ Grieve), his wife, Ethel (Virginia Vincent) and their children, Brenda (Susan Lanier), and Bobby (Robert Huston), as well as their married daughter, Lynne, Dee Wallace (E.T.) are on a trip to California. Accompanying the family is Lynne’s husband, Doug (Martin Speer), the couple’s baby daughter, Katy (Brenda Marinoff), and two Alsatian dogs named Beauty & Beast. Getting off the main road, they pull into a gas station to refuel. Fred (John Steadman), the lone…

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