Empathy – something that many if not most humans do not have..

Fellowship of the Minds

It is said that empathy — placing ourselves in another’s “shoes” and feeling what another feels — is what uniquely makes us human.

Indeed, even newborn babies display a primitive form of empathy when they cry, upon hearing another baby cry. Sociobiologists call that “global empathy.”

A defining attribute of psychopaths — as well as narcissists — is their lack of empathy, which explains their using others for their own ends and aggrandizement.


There is mounting evidence, however, that empathy is not so uniquely human after all. Instead, scientists are discovering that many animals also display empathy. As examples (source):

1. Elephants are known to return to the “graveyard” of a deceased elephant and caress the bones with their trunks. The latest discovery, reported by Discovery, is that Asian elephants show concern for another elephant that is distressed by making a soft, sweet “chirp” sound and caressing the…

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