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This week was a pretty eventful one in the world of animal activism.

The despicable murder of Cecil The Lionsparked outrage and chilled all human beings to the bones.

We all agreethat the killing was disturbing to say the leastand that trophy hunting has to be stopped.No animal should ever go through this much suffering to the hands of a human. The poorCecil was shot with an arrow before being hunted down for forty straighthours . He was then shot again with some gun, beheaded and skinned so that adisturbed man could presumably go home with a “trophy” as a proof of his own cowardness.

Since monday, on my Facebook timeline I can see mostof my friends posting petitions against hunting, images of the lion and messages urgingto stopanimal cruelty. For three days it has been a circus of cries and tears over his death. The death of ONE

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