Vegan Anything

It’s always the same thing.

Every time I get in an argument over veganism with a meat eater, he/she always throws the same worn-out arguments at me.

It’s been a year now for me and I am already getting pretty bored with it.

To spice things up, I try to see the whole process as a game. I call it my Vegan Bingo. Every time I check three arguments in a row on my card, I win! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only jaded vegan who can appreciate this little game.

So here’s a little post debunking all those popular myths to help you win over every carnivore that comes your way.


1.But where do you get proteins?

This one is by far the favorite argument of every meat eater. Where do you get your proteins?

Let’s start with defining what protein is. Because pretty much 95% of the…

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