Straight from the Horse's Heart

Utah BLM proposes sterilizing stallions on the Frisco HMA (managed by Cedar City Field Office) and the Conger HMA (managed by Fillmore Field Office), supposedly so they can find out the “impacts of sterilizing a portion of male horses in the population and how treatment impacts their behavior and ecology.”  According to a 2013 BLM Comparison of Population Growth Suppression Methods document, the BLM knows that there are unknown behavioral effects, but needs to do these “field studies” so they won’t get sued in their pursuit of non-reproducing or minimally reproducing herds.   According to BLM 2015 statistics, the Frisco HMA has an AML of only 12-60, and BLM estimates there are 146 horses (last population survey April 2012).  The Conger HMA has an AML of 40-80, and BLM estimates there are 156 horses (last population survey March 2011).  These herds are barely viable.  And, just a thought to…

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