Emilio Cogliani

What can you do if you see a dog trapped in a hot car? In most states, if you want to remain within the confines of the law, you call the police or animal control — and hope they get there in time.

A bill under consideration in the Florida Senate would let good Samaritans take action — by way of a hammer — if an animal is in distress.

The Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety Actwas introduced Monday by state Sen.Dorothy Hukill(R).

Under the bill, someone who sees a pet trapped in a hot car may “use reasonable force” toget it out. The rescuer would not be held civilly or criminally liable. The person who left the animals in the hot car may be subject to criminal penalties.

Hukill told The Huffington Post the P.A.W.S. Act was inspired by a multitude of recent stories about…

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